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“Heal and Inspire the Girl, to Heal and Inspire the World”


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About Us

Raising girls is TOUGH and sometimes downright UGLY! The changes they go through, from their bodies to their emotions, while throwing in the inescapable attitudes, its all a challenge! All while they are changing we are expected to have it all figured out! We are expected to know what to do…

“We were once their age”

“We are female too”

“We should know what to do right?”


As mothers, we quickly find out that the little girl we are raising is quite different than us! She is exposed to more things, competing on a different level in the world we live in, with access to more technology then what we even know about. That old saying it takes a village to raise a child is TRUE! BUT don’t worry I am here to help!

Through our GIRL coaching sessions, speaking engagements, and sponsored conferences we pinpoint why raising girls is so special! Yes, it requires work and it requires being involved, but ultimately we raise girls who become awesome goal creating and goal achieving women!

If we heal and inspire our girls, we will ultimately heal and inspire the world!

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