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Our Mission

The Gilmore Girls Greetings Foundation is rooted in helping to inspire and empower girls and women! The base of our work encompasses building healthy and strong relationships that promote growth and stability, and inclusive of this work is the relationship between mothers and daughters. Our foundation works diligently to bring awareness and education surrounding our three major pillars, to include,  sexual abuse prevention, domestic violence awareness and incarcerated parenting.  Our Founder, Luciana Gilmore, has worn the face of all three pillars, so her passion to help is displayed through her constant efforts for change.


OUR VISION is simple: 

To Heal and Inspire the Girl, So That We Heal and Inspire The World!


While our mission is simple, there are many layers to our work, and therefore it will take the effort of communities around the world connecting arm in arm to impact change. We invite you to take part in our mission through donations, volunteering at one of our events, and/or by attending one of our sponsored events.

This work will impact and influence the lives of many, and we hope to see you in the work with us as we make change happen!

Your contributions allow our Foundation to provide resources to the community through our free events, donation bags, resource packages, and mentoring services.

Join us in creating our MISSION to come to presence:


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Meet the chief operating officer

asiya gilmore

Meet the chief executive officer

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Dr. luciana gilmore

I have been affectionately coined as THE GIRL COACH!

Just what is THE GIRL COACH? The GIRL COACH, in essence, covers all facets of the female! Inclusive of young girls and women and all ages in between. My goal and purpose are to inspire, guide and empower all GIRLS to live their best life!


I understand that my work to help girls and women stems from my ability to reach back and stand on the barriers that I have encompassed in my life as a young girl. The Gilmore Girls Greetings Foundation was built from a real place of need, as evidenced by my experience as a school leader, but structured and further developed from a place of power! While the task of Gilmore Girls is rooted in building relationships and learning the needs of girls, our work encompasses closing the gap and shattering the barriers, while becoming a bridge for our young ladies to accomplish their life dream and goals. 


As the Founder I intentionally crafted the Foundation's approach to be incremental, as we begin work during the early teen (middle school) years by focusing on social-emotional growth, support, and the well being of our ladies, delivered and aligned to our curriculum through our school sponsored program entitled, Gilmore Girls!  We extend this work into high school providing mentorship and leadership skills through our curriculum LeadHer! We guide and instruct our young ladies to support their successful matriculation into post-secondary options. 

I am committed to being a bridge for girls to dream bigger, and achieve more. The work provided by the Foundation and its Board members provides a lens into the heartbeat of our organization. Year by year we have grown, and are now looking forward to expanding across state lines.  I personally invite you to become engaged with our work, as we are changing the trajectory of girl's lives one girl at a time!


  • B.A. Public Relations

  • Master of Education-Curriculum & Instruction

  • Master of Education-Organizational Leadershi

  • Ph.D Ethical Leadership


Certified K-12 State of Ohio Principal License

Certified K-12 State of Ohio Teaching Certificate

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