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Invite The GIRL COACH to Speak at Your Next Event!


Are you looking for an unforgettable professional speaker who will engage your students and leave them thinking long after the girl coach has left the building?

Dr. Luciana, "The GIRL COACH,  is a recognized and highly sought-after motivational speaker, and leadership coach,  for pre-teen and teen girls, women, educators, girl-serving professionals, and parents.  Luciana has been educating and speaking to youth for over 20+ years.  Having over 20 years of experience and expert knowledge of educating and supporting youth, she is not the typical youth speaker!

Luciana often uses her own personal stories, to relate to current trending topics our girls are faced with, to paint a picture of connection. Sharing the multiple experiences she encountered as being a school principal, Luciana is able to serve as an example of learning. She is  leader in creating spaces for girl empowerment, as she is known for guiding girls beyond any barriers they may incur, igniting positive behavior change, and cultivating safe and affirming spaces where girls can thrive and be successful.  Luciana is skilled at leveraging the room she is in, gaining the trust of her listeners, and stimulating the thinking of the young people before her. Often noted for her powerful presence, relatable storytelling, and unique humorous ways of inspiring, Luciana is sure to engage all in attendance.


Luciana offers  keynotes, assemblies, and workshops for girls that are interactive, engaging, inspiring, intriguing, and educational.

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