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GIRL Coaching sessions

Raising girls in todays society is challenging, scary and downright stressful, but we ae here to help you through the process. 
Our coaching services are provided to girls, and mothers and daughters, BUT understand this isn't your typical coaching. We guide, encourage and push girls to become everything they are destined to be, but this starts with intentional conversations focused on healing and inspiring. 
In our teen coaching we tackle everything from self-esteem, to abuse, to bullying and everything in between!
In our mother-daughter sessions we focus on the relationship, the needs of each, and the growth of both!
With over 20 years in educating and mentoring our girls, I am skilled at servicing my clients, and I approach each girl and relationship with a prescribed plan for the individual, understanding no two people are the same!
With coaching not being your typical counseling session, you can expect different outcomes and levels of success. Think of "Girl Coaching," as your daughter having her own personal cheerleader, guidance expert, and reliable friend. What makes this service even better is the transparent support, intentional guidance through tough situations, and the implicit demeanor to increase self-esteem. 
We must be honest, girl coaching is not for everyone!  It takes dedication and commitment for coaching to be successful. If you are excited about the possibility of working with me and prepared to invest in your daughter’s health, happiness, and future success, the first step in the enrollment process is to complete our form below. My team will reach out to you to schedule a complimentary phone consultation to find out if coaching is a fit for you and your daughter. I encourage you to submit your inquiry ASAP as my schedule fills up pretty quickly and any new clients are considered on a first-come basis. If at any time I am unable to accept new clients, you will be added to our waiting list and receive priority consideration when there is an opening.
Our goal is SUCCESS!
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