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  • “Daughter Have I Told You Lately?”

    Includes words of encouragement that Author Luciana, feels her daughters and all daughters should hear from their mothers. Through her creative and sentimental messages in addition to the photos captured of mothers and daughters you can feel the pages and words come to life! “Daughter, Have I Told You Lately?” gives mothers a chance to ensure that encouragement, love, and support are communicated.​​

  • A Daughters Desires

    Our “A Daughters Desires” reads:

    The moment I knew I was expecting a
    little girl my heart raced. I thought about
    all the things I wanted you to become and
    all the goals I wanted you to accomplish.

    While it is hard I am acknowledging that
    I had to let you set your own pathways,
    make your own goals, and let you become
    who you were destined to be.

    The irony is you are everything
    I thought you were going to be and more!

    You have carved out who you are
    within this thing called life!

    The best part of being your mother
    is watching you Lead your Walk,
    Accomplish your goals,
    And fulfill your dreams!

    You are great!

    Love Mommy!

  • Attitude & Growth

    Our “Attitude & Growth” Card Reads:

    Your spirit is a little sassy,
    Your attitude can be challenging at times
    but daughter remember perception is everything!
    Always be aware of the presence you bring.
    When you show your sweetness you outshine
    the room, and enable others to marvel in your glow!
    Always let your sweet demeanor lead the way!

    Love Mommy.

  • Daughter Transitioning

    Our “Daughter Transitionng” reads:

    Daughter, I look at you and see myself,
    all the good, the bad, and the ugly,
    and then I see all the possibilities!

    My protectiveness doesn’t come from
    not wanting you to enjoy life!

    Quite honestly it’s just the opposite,
    I want you to have a chance to enjoy all
    that life has to offer.

    Slow down, the life you want and desire
    is waiting for you.

    My job is to ensure that you receive it!
    Love Mommy

  • Growing Pains

    Our “Growing Pains” Card Reads:

    So how do we move forward past this daughter?
    I know you are upset because I will not let you
    do what all your other friends are doing, and for that
    I won’t apologize, but I will offer you a chance to talk to
    me about what you are feeling.

    You have to know that my job as your mother is to
    protect you, and that is what I am going to do. You are
    one of my most prized accomplishments, and because of
    that it means that I may not say yes to
    all your request.

    Understand this is not to stand in the way of your fun,
    but it is to monitor your interactions, to ensure that
    you’re safe at all times.

    I love you daughter, whether I say yes or no!
    But know when I say no, its because my love is on
    overload, and by any means I will protect you!
    Love Mommy

  • In Awe of Your Growth

    Our “In Awe of Your Growth” reads:

    Sometimes, I sit back and watch your
    interactions, and I say look at my,
    “Mini Me.”

    You are growing into such a little lady!
    When you speak, you demand attention.
    When you’re right, you stand behind it.
    When kindness is the needed ingredient
    you present it.

    When you need to be sassy, you find
    the attitude.

    And when you need guidance you seek it!
    I am so proud to be your mother
    watching you develop!

    On your path to becoming a young
    woman, the trail of glitter you are
    leaving behind is sparkling brightly!

    I am so proud of you daughter!

    Love Mommy!

  • Just Know I Love You!

    Our “Just Know I Love You!” reads:

    I know I may not say it enough, but I love you.

    Daughter you are the best part of me and
    I love being your mother.

    You inspire me to be the best for you
    each and every day.

    I oftentimes daydream of what your life will
    become and it instantly puts a smile on my face
    because the possibilities are endless.

    I marvel on the many outcomes knowing
    Regardless you will be great.

    Love Mommy

  • Mom, I love you

    Our “Mom, I love you” reads:

    From the beginning its always been you and I.
    You have taught me everything I know
    and I look up to you always.

    You make me want to work harder
    and accomplish even more.
    Hopefully one day I’ll be as amazing as you.

    Thank you for being my personal role model.

    I love you Mom!

    Your Daughter