Gilmore Girls in the Community

Gilmore Girls Greetings Foundation is committed to providing support to the communities we serve. Our efforts extend with services, community events, and actionable efforts. Our goal is to provide our help to those who need it most. Within communities we have partnered with schools and local agencies that support our mission and vision as an organization. 
Our commitment is to continue to be an active organization working to serve families particularly the needs of women and girls. 

As a response to COVID-19, Gilmore Girls Foundation will be providing essential baskets, "Love Drop," to families in need. The baskets have been constructed to include essential items for girls during this pandemic.  

Upcoming Community Outreach:

Locations will be announced June 1. If you are unable to attend, please fill out the contact information and we will drop a Love Drop to you.


Phone: 216-219-6997

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