Foundation Work


Gilmore Girls Greetings Foundation Founder, Luciana Gilmore, loves to lend her voice to topics that directly affect our girls and women. She is passionate about helping females understand their power, and opportunities that afford her the opportunity to she does so readily. 






Girl Talk

Gilmore Girls Greetings offers coaching services for girls and moms, who are dealing with various issues within their relationships. Additional, coaching services are delivered to girls only upon request.  


Girls Mentoring 

Gilmore Girls Greetings has developed a social-emotional curriculum, specifically tailored to meet the needs of girls, and the current social and emotional issues they incur.  

Services provided in schools and during camps. 

  • Initial Consultation

    30 Min


  • Girl Talk Coaching Session

    1 h

  • Host a Workshop

    Commence 7 Jan 2020

    Prices Vary


Phone: 216-219-6997

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