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Gilmore Girls Greetings has developed a social-emotional curriculum, specifically tailored to meet the needs of girls (grades 6-8), and the current social and emotional issues they incur.  Our programming and mentorship continues into high school with a LeadHerShip Curriculum that provides continuous mentorship throughout post-secondary options.

Copy of LeadHerShip Girls Intensive Camp

LeadHerShip Academy is a developed curriculum delivered to girls starting the summer before entering high school. The curriculum is structured to provide intensive individualized supports to encourage academic achievement, social progression, and leadership skills.  

Students are exposed and involved in careers choices, post secondary educational options, entrepreneurship, and community contribution. 

Gilmore Girls host Anit-Bullying Programming to ensure that girls in particular are aware of the signs of bullying, needed steps in order to prevent violence, how to protect their self-esteem, and resources to obtain help as needed. 

Gilmore Girls will also introduce a mobile application tool FALL 2020, aligned to reduce bullying among girls: (FA(I)RE. With and addition of a Boys App, December 2020.

The founder of Gilmore Girls Greetings is ​commonly heard providing inspirational messages to audiences of professionals or students.

Having a background in education and a passion to empower students and those who serve students Luciana enjoys sharing her knowledge and experience. 

She draws her audience into her world but is quickly able to provide a tangible connection to the lives of her audience!


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