Gilmore Girls with our Girls

We are so excited to host our Girls Leadership Camp!

This summer will be our first summer to host an experience away from home. This summer our girls will engage in a 2-week intensive camp which is comprised of a pre-week work session, and a post week intensive. Due to the current status of restrictions and following guidelines specified of COVID-19, our pre-work session will be delivered online within a daily session, where girls will learn the beginning stages of leadership, formulating their personal belief, building their personal capacity, thinking outside the box to accomplish their goals, and development of a vision for future aspirations. 

Our post week experience will begin our home away from home adventure. During this week the girls will be housed away from home where they will begin to engage in intensive work framed in alignment to personal goals, academic goals, with a leadership vision. As an organization, we wanted to provide dedicated time and space for our girls to truly explore themselves, including thought patterns, past behaviors, and future aspirations. Providing a space that stages intimate, intentional conversations will allow us the ability to curate plans to support each girl as they matriculate throughout their academic career.  

While our work will be intense, intentional, and personal during this week, this is just the beginning! Girls who participate in our summer intensive gain a mentor for their entire academic career! We are committed to our girl's success and to that end, we recognize the power of mentorship. Throughout each school year girls will meet with their mentors bi-weekly in person, and once a month virtually. Our girls will receive scheduled times of meetings and participation dates throughout the year. Task will be outlined for each girl as we push, encourage, and support them to become the leaders they already are!

Be rest assured that while we are working, developing, and learning, we are also going to have some fun! We have planned amazing activities that will not only build friendships amongst the girls but will allow them to truly relax. 

Our girls will be notified June 5, 2020, during which time they will be provided permission slips, informed of the start date, and all activities and location of home away from home experience.


Girls, who are selected will be provided a detailed schedule of each day to include:

  • The Topic of Focus for the day

  • Outlined Activities

  • Assignments to be completed

We are looking forward to reading each of the applications and we can't wait to meet our 2020 cohort of Girl LeadHers!


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