So the time has come, and I’m here in Florida getting ready to drop my daughter off at FAMU! I have so many emotions going on….Did I prepare her well? Did I do everything as her mother to ensure that she knows how to take care of herself? Is she ready to be an adult all by herself? Will she remember her morals and values while not under my watchful eye? Did I communicate enough with her to ensure that I provided the guidance around being successful in college?

While I have all these questions and concerns, the other part of my brain/heart/feelings, is excited for the experience that she is about to engage in! It’s college! It’s fun! It’s in sunny Florida! It’s FAM-U!!! This is her time to explore and discover just how she will contribute to the world…the gifts that she will share and the influence she will have, as a direct result of her God given talents.

Yes, I am a little nervous, but my efforts as a mother has been with this very day in sight! I am proud of you Asiya, and now it’s your time to shine PooFace! I expect greatness!

BE GREAT, and be sure to leave your glitter trail, demonstrating your growth along the path to your success!

Share your stories of transition…college/careers/moving, etc…

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  1. Krystal
    1 year ago

    Thanks for the terrific guide

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