About The Founder

The Girl Coach

I have been affectionately coined as THE GIRL COACH!

Just what is THE GIRL COACH? The GIRL COACH, in essence, covers all facets of the female! Inclusive of young girls and older women and everything in between. My goal and purpose is to inspire, guide and empower all GIRLS to live their best life! Understanding that my work to help girls and women stems from my ability to reach back and stand on the barriers that I have encompassed my life as a young girl. The Gilmore Girls Greetings Foundation was built from a real place of pain, but structured and further developed from a place of power!

As the Founder, I, built this organization, from my life as a mother and my role as a school principal. Witnessing the need to help inspire, empower, and educate girls and women to live BOLDLY, on PURPOSE, propelled me to craft a plan of execution.  Being transparent in my story, I share why there is an imminent need to ensure that we pour into our girls to become great women. I also share that while our girls need to have guidance and mentorship, women as well need additional support in order to position themselves to positively impact. Generational cycles, limited mindsets, and trauma scars all can prevent us from being present daily and representing our best selves, for not only us but those we as women are responsible for.

As THE GIRL COACH and Founder of GILMORE GIRLS GREETINGS FOUNDATION I am on a mission to create a surge of inspiration all over the world, bound by a common thread of working towards achieving the goals of developing and cultivating OUR GIRLS, AND supporting and empowering OUR WOMEN to reach beyond the past and press forward in purpose on purpose!

My vision and mission are HUGE lifts, but the consequences of not ensuring that our GIRLS have everything they need to become successful women, and that are WOMEN are not supported in areas of need is a NON-Negotiable, so I have accepted the challenge one girl, one woman at a time!


See you soon,


The Girl Coach