Mothers and Daughters Revived Conference!

Mothers and Daughters Revived Conference!

The Mothers and Daughters Revived Conference is a weekend filled with laughter, bonding, learning, and fun! It is a weekend designed to strenghten and inspire mothers and daughters, not only collectively but individually as well! There are sessions for only mothers in the areas we need guidance the most, in addition to there being sessions specfically created for daughters and their needs. We also have sessions for mothers and daughters to attend together with targeted issues that mothers and daughters historically struggled with!

While you will learn alot you will also LOVE and GROW alot!

This year we have 3 ticket options:

  • ALL Inclusive that includes your rooms and all meals (Each room comes with double beds)
  • Conference Tickets and Meals
  • Conference Tickets Only

Each option includes ONE ADULT and ONE DAUGHTER

For all three options we are now including payment options of paying in full or paying monthly.