The Girl Coach

My company was simply built from my life as a mother and my role as the principal at one of the biggest high schools in Cleveland! Having been a mother in 2 different arenas has allowed me to see girls from different sides of the lens and has inspired my passion to coach, inspire, and help OUR GIRLS reach their full potential!  As a mother of 3 children, Asiya 19, Jada 11, and baby boy Demetrius 6, I know the dilemmas, trials, and the downright over-demanding job that being a parent can entail.

I know and have witnessed first hand what happens when we don’t ensure that we build our GIRLS up, communicate openly, and push them forward to be the best they can be in all circumstances, to include home, school, jobs, college, and building relationships with other females. I by no means can say I have the magic pill, I didn’t get the book that had all the answers with my 1st child, but I have learned from the multitude of mistakes that I have made, mistakes I have seen my friends make, and results that I have seen play out in the schools I have instructed in and led in my role as a principal.

My goal for the GILMORE GIRLS GREETINGS Brand, and as THE GIRL COACH is to become a launchpad to promote healing and inspiration for girls. The GILMORE GIRLS GROUP uses COACHING SESSIONS, and BLOG interaction; in addition our hosted CONFERENCES (parents included) in which OUR GIRLS learn in an open, safe, and fun space, while also providing tools for life. Most importantly GILMORE GIRLS GROUP will create a surge of inspiration all over the world, bound by a common thread of working towards achieving the goal of developing and cultivating OUR GIRLS, through encouragement, love, and support!