ZERO Tolerance of Sexual Abuse of OUR Girls!

ZERO Tolerance of Sexual Abuse of OUR Girls!


This won’t be a long blog post, and due largely in part to not wanting to give any more attention to the negative side of this conversation. I must say that the surviving RKelly docuseries put a sick pit in my stomach. Regardless, if the girls/women were paid, regardless if the stories may have been highlighted, and regardless if they took 20 or 30 years to come forward, WE have to do better! Our girls should be so shielded and guarded within our communities that they are untouchable!

Yes, we can point fingers at the parents, his team of employees, and the others around him, and yes I do believe they too have a seat reserved at the questioning table as well, BUT my issue is with the one who was and is committing the acts of crime. Does that excuse everyone else, absolutely not, BUT I’m going to start at the direct source and work my way out to the circle. You the dead the eye, the storm doesn’t move forward!

I have daughters and I have 16 years of education experience under my belt so I have mothered many more, AND if at any time I saw or heard something out the way, I dealt with it head-on.  There are no excuses to not protect our own!

Our girls are important…PERIOD! But let me tell you a real reason why we can’t effectively tend to our girls and wrap our arms around them… YEAH, I’m going to go here!… As women as we so busy hating on each other, in competition with each other, worried about who dating who, who making this money, and who carrying this bag, that in the meantime, our girls are learning from this negative behavior, emulating what they see on social media and then looking for time and attention elsewhere. By the time we zone back into what’s happening the damage has been put into motion!


My BLOG, my business, my voice will always yell to promote positivity, BUT there is a time and place to be just plain transparent! I am by no means the mother who didn’t make mistakes, HELL, I’m going to make some more mistakes along the way, BUT best believe I have some NON-Negotiables! If it don’t look right, smell right, or move right…guess what it ain’t right!

Women, Moms, Aunts… We have to start with us collectively! We have to do better so we don’t allow pedophiles the ability to have space, time or interaction with our girls. We have to put some guidelines back in place for our girls and stick by them and when we see someone or something that doesn’t look right we MUST speak up!

There is no time for silence, OUR GIRLS need us!

Thank you to all the women who shared their story within the docuseries.

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