We always hear the word SUCCESS, but do we actually know what SUCCESS looks like? Do you know how to achieve success, and I’m talking about the actual steps that are needed in order to reach success in whichever pathway taken? Could you effectively teach someone how to be successful?

What would you think if you sat in my class for the first time and in my introduction I told you, I had never taught math but that I was going to teach you math and do it at a high level, and that you effectively were going to come out of my Algebra II/TRIG being a successful math student. Would you believe me?

That should have made you think…

I can attest to this above statement because at one point in my career I stated those exact words to my students. I had never taught a day in my life before, but what I knew to be true is that I could recognize when students had reached a level of success, a level of comfort, and a level of wanting more. Over the years I began to build a map as to how to ensure students were successful in my math classes.  Now when I say a map, all my educators will think a curriculum map… good answer, BUT NO! I began to build a map of achievement. I built students inner self before I built math skills. I made my Special Education students believe they could learn at high levels like everyone else before I taught them TRIG. You see I constructed a map of success. While success was achieved at different levels for different students the confidence shown on their faces was the same!

BUT, understanding and realizing this, how do we teach our children, our girls our to be successful? As parents, caregivers, and mentors, we have to learn how to build success from the person we are teaching to be successful, it has nothing to with your skills, past or capabilities…. Okay read that again, “It has nothing to do with your skills, past or capabilities.” It has everything to do with your desire to see them be successful. We have to know what triggers them to go harder, press faster, and run farther… THEN and ONLY THEN can we see SUCCESS happen.

When I decided to leave my principal seat to start my own company focused on ensuring our girls were great, I was driven by the fact that I knew how to map out an achievement for individuals.

Remember it doesn’t matter if you ever did it before, envision what SUCCESS looks like…I want to know how you are directing success, personally and professionally. How are you mapping out the outcomes for yourself? Your daughter? Your business? Your education?



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